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Date: 24/03/2014

We proudly presents the third solo exhibition by the Danish artist Louise Hindsgavl Preview March 28 from 5-8 pm -Please join us

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Louise Hindsgavl / Mediocrity Is No Crime


Galleri Christoffer Egelund proudly presents the third solo exhibition by the Danish ceramic artist Louise Hindsgavl (b. 1973) entitled Mediocrity is no crime.

From a safe distance it looks quite innocent. But take a step closer to the porcelain figurations of Louise Hindsgavl, and you will have an unexpected, and sometimes unpleasant, surprise. Where you would expect cheerful shepherd boys and fair maidens you get complex creatures that lost their innocence long ago. A man with a full-grown paunch and legs of a horse is tearing open the back of an angel rendered helpless by a huge nail through its wings, a milking cow is performing intimate surgery on herself and abstract elements are melting into the deformed beings. Louise Hindsgavl has uncovered new territories within the field of porcelain art where others have since followed. Hindsgavl removes the porcelain figure from the utopian world ...

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